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bytroynelson, September 24, 2008
Ignite Gallery
The Ignite Gallery extension was simple to install and easy to use. I followed the instructions and had ZERO problems with the install. This extension works (for me anyway) exactly as described.

By the way... it took me about as long to register here so I could post this review as it took for me to load and test the extension.

About support...

After I installed I found one glitch where if I used the plugin on the front page and had a main menu pick to my set of galleries (a total of 4) I would get a funky fatal error when clicking on the menu.

I checked the support forums for Ignite and didn't see this error so I posted my problem. In less than 4 hours I had a response from Matt. His response was clear and direct. I knew exactly what to do. I followed his instructions and the problem is resolved.

I don't recall ever getting that kind of support response anywhere.

I can highly recommend this extension for anyone needing a quick, easy, functional, good looking gallery.