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Reviews(1), October 23, 2013
If your worried about spending your money and not getting support for this extension, have no fear. This is my first review on JED or any other site but I felt strongly about making my experience known. 1st off, I bought Ohanah which is pretty slick out of the box. However, it wouldn't work with our shared database setup using Mighty Sites. Ohanah spent 3 days letting me know it wouldnt work. jEvents worked in minutes. 2nd, Ohanah, at first glance, is a better looking setup out of the box and that ultimately is true. But...the power of jEvents and its add-ons is second to none and runs circles around it for features. Once you really get into it, you can make it look as pretty as you want. Then when you learn what some of those add-ons actually do, you will easily see there is no comparison. I posted a question to the support forum's today and had a reply in less than an hour. Furthering that, I gave them my credentials and they plopped in and made it look exactly how I wanted it too for an example in half that time. Worth every penny. Im a firm Lifelong customer now.