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bytrraacy, January 21, 2008
JCal Pro
After a lot of muss and fuss trying to come up with a calendar solution that would work for me I finally tried JCal and I LOVE IT!!! (Insert additional exclamation points here!)

Installed seamlessly, configured easily and displays beautifully! And all in W3C compliant code! Is that a beautiful thing or what?

Left nothing out for my wish list for future features.

Can't recommend highly enough!

Keep up the good work, and thanks for making this beautiful component available so affordably!

Take care, all, and Happy Joomla-ing,
bytrraacy, February 15, 2007
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I needed to clone one of my sites and I purchased this product to do it.

If I was only allowed one word for the review I would use 'suh-WEEET!'

I eaily installed the component; the interface is beautiful and totally intuitive (of course I'm not going to slow down long enough to read the manual!).

I was able to back up my site, clone it and get it working on the new domain in about half an hour - and the only reason it took me that long is because I DIDN'T read the instructions.

I'd tried several components as well as my hosting services for backing up my Joomla sites and was never able to get them to work well enough to get a clean working copy - and after putting (sometimes countless) hours of work into getting them installed, configured and adding content THAT's a pretty scary thing.

I had an issue with how I'd configured the site to be cloned and I got a response to my post for support within half an hour and the instructions to fix it were so clean and helpful that I had the issue resolved within minutes.

I purchased the lifetime supply of updates and support for this product and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

Definitely worth every penny of the purchase price and I can't recommend it highly enough, and may even have to come back and edit my review when something else to rave about comes to mind.

Hope that helps,
Tracy A. Phaup
bytrraacy, October 1, 2006
I'm a newbie Joomla user and I've found it a bit frustrating at times and have struggled to find the documentation I need - in spite of being a geek.

Not so with JoomSEF!!

Uploaded the component, tweaked the .htaccess file and was writing beautiful URL's within minutes.

Nicely drops them into the Google sitemap, too!

We'll see how it gets along with future modifications ;o)