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bytrue2all, May 6, 2011
Core Design Scriptegrator
After installing, images wouldn't appear on my site. Problem didn't go away after deleting the plugin.

When trying a new extension one always risks that there may be a conflict. Normally, one can just delete the harmful plugin and everything goes back to normal. Not so with this application!
There's no documentation on the company's site available to fix this known problem either, which makes it even more frustrating. It's already wasted hours trying to fix and I'm still trying to figure out how to fix my site. Had I seen the other comments from other people who experienced the same thing I would have steered far away from this company's application. I suggest you do to.
Owner's reply

I don't think this issue is caused by Scriptegrator plugin.
This extension doesn't modify images or event the path to the images.
You're the first one who announced issue like that (on our forum).