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byttr1, August 29, 2011
JEXTN Testimonial
WOW, this is one sweet component with a variety of unexpected functions not found in other modules of this type. Price is right. Corresponding with prospects and made super easy. The themes are second to none.
byttr1, August 29, 2011
I had been looking for a long time for a component that would allow us to present questions and answers on a wide range of subject on our website. Finally discovered FAQ Pro and fell in love immediately while viewing the demo. Purchased, asked for a little help with installation and whamo, everything is working just fine. The component is the perfect match for our website.
byttr1, June 28, 2011
Bands in JomLand
I saw this product listed here on JED, checked the
demo site and saw that all of the items listed were in
Las Vegas. At first I wasn't all that impressed and then
I noticed the Events Search at the top left of the page.
Decided to give it a shot thinking this was some nice
little component that might be useful. Our website is
more of a support facility for our online radio station and
this little function just might be nice to have on our site.

We placed the order and almost instantly received an
email from support. Thinking it was from one of those
auto-responders I didn't pay much attention to the email
for about an hour or so and when I did read it I was really
shocked. It was actually from a "live" person, offering
any assistance we might need. I wanted to find out what
kind of support was being provided so I sent back a couple
of silly questions and before I knew it, received a reply
offering to help in any way they could.

To make a short story long, this component was installed,
configured, and running almost before I finished my first
cup of coffee. and the kicker here is this all happened on
a weekend. This is the first time in my experience on the
Internet where I have found such a powerful component,
doing everything and a little more than advertised, functioning
so perfectly out of the box, and being supported to such an
extreme it's almost scary. I really applaud the producers
of this program and give a standing ovation to their support.
I can't recommend this component highly enough.
byttr1, April 20, 2011
Music Collection
This one component all by itself has improved my website 200%. I can't say enough good things about this truly excellent product. The functionality, ease of configuration, and display options are outstanding. Support? Gosh working with Germi is nothing short of fabulous. I have artist on my site i.e., Melba Moore, Etta James, R. Kelly and many others - all have commented that the addition of MC has turned the website from good to a professional product unbeatable in use, functionality and excellent look n feel. I can reap nothing but praise on the developers and offer my thanks from the bottom of my heart for such a configurable, professional, easy to use product.
byttr1, March 17, 2011
Report Card
I was very happy to discover this module. We were looking for something to allow our users to provide feedback on the overall look n feel and functionality of our website. Report Card fit the bill to a tee. With slight easy modifications we turned it into a function called "Rate Our Site" and it proved to be invaluable in getting feedback and suggestions from our viewers. It is amazing how quickly a viewer can find a little bug unknown to us and now that they can so easily tell us about it, we getting things functioning much faster. I thank the developer for such a fine little module that plays such a big part of our site.