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bytukanglibas, January 10, 2008
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It works as what a shopping cart application should do.

It allows you to configure an item price based on the customer groups.

I wish there is a better reporting tool such as listing all items with all the prices for the customer groups on 1 single page. This report helps me to review my pricing strategy. As of now, I have to open every single item and check the various customer groups for their pricing. It is not a big deal if you have less than 20 items. However, as you add more items, then it becomes an issue.

The other issue that I am still having with the latest release (1.0.13a) is with the paypal module. The paypal module works, except that virtue mart sends the purchase email to both me and the buyer right after they buyer clicks "confirm order" button, but before the buyer completes the paypal transaction.

Furthermore, order status is not updated even after paypal transaction is successful.

So here is the sequence:

1) buyer checks out, completing the registration, shipping address, etc.

2) on the last screen before the buyer is sent to paypal website, the buyer must click "confirm order".

3) the buyer clicks "confirm order".

4) (ISSUE #1). virtue mart will send email to the buyer and me (store owner) indicating that there is a new order, and update the virtue mart order database indicating this new order. This new order is marked as "pending". i.e waiting for paypal payment completion.
why does virtue mart sends the email before the payment is cleared ? It might give a false impression to the buyer that he had a successful order even before the buyer complete the paypal transaction. In my opinion, the email should be sent after step 6 below.
I know that this is not a major issue. Who would try to mess up my store by submiting order, but not paying... ?? LOL.

5) the buyer is directed to paypal website to complete the paypal payment.

6) after the buyer completes the paypal transaction, the buyer will be redirected back to my store.

7) (ISSUE #2) Even after paypal transaction is cleared (i.e. successfully charged the buyer's account and transfer the money to my paypal account), the order status in virtue mart database remains in "pending" state. I must manually set it to "confirmed" state.
This is a major issue if you have large number of purchase a day.

I hope I could get some help for issue 1 and 2 above. However, I have no luck getting some help/tips regarding the 2 issues above from virtue mart forum.

Overall, virtue mart works fine for me. My store is small, so I don't bother with the 2 issues above for now. I give 4 stars to virtue mart for all the other good features.

Note that I also have another online store using Zen Cart. I don't have the above 2 issues with Zen Cart. the only negative of zen cart is that zen cart does not work with joomla.