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byturbonium412, February 9, 2012
Import for K2
It takes a little bit of work to get the import right but that is probably more due to the complexity of K2 than this component, especially if you have extra fields and so on.

I had problems at first getting the CSV file formatted correctly - K2 import requires double quote text delimiters and Excel and other programs failed to offer that option. Finally I figured out that Open Office can do what no other commercial software could and from there on it worked like a charm.

Make sure though, you have a published date set in your import file, otherwise you won't be able to edit the item in the backend anymore (Error 500), at least that's what I ran into.
byturbonium412, January 13, 2012
Custom CSS
As simple as anything should be in Joomla! Where other modules for custom code failed, this one worked right away. Just paste in your code (in my case css) and publish the module - that's it.