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byturtle, June 27, 2011
1) If you want the close button to actually work (or even appear) on SOME browsers, you need to edit code.

2) If you want the close button to work (or even appear) on any browser that has disabled javascript, your screwed (essentially, all Firefox browsers, minimally)

So unless you want half your visitors to NOT have the option to close the popup box, and wait for the box to disappear, this is a great module. I know I would just leave the page though as a visitor.

If this is all okay with you, this module works great and is easy to set up.
Owner's reply

The truth is, a tiny percentage have Javascript disabled. Yes, it uses Javascript. The good news is that the 3-4% who disable javascript won't be affected. But, please don't run negativity to the 97% majority or so who do use it.

Where did you get half the visitors numbers? Please refrain from publishing falsehoods; especially knowingly...if that is the case.

On older module versions, the url for the image includes www which could make the close button disappear on wamp; but I explained several times in the forum how to fix that...and the new Popper Pro versions for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6 have new Javascripts, many templates and work seamingly with wamp.

Finally, my Forum has received more than 24 issues and most people walk away very satisfied.