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bytveith, October 10, 2011
This is a really good component but I really wish there were more advanced options. For example, there are some menu options I would prefer did not appear (they don't work properly) on a mobile site. Can you include a setting that will allow me to select the menu options that appear on the home page? I'd also like to add a logo to the mobile page and a personal message at the top of the page (i.e. this site is best viewed in landscape mode). Otherwise, this produces a very nice mobile solution - just wish there were more advanced customization options, particularly for menu selections.
bytveith, May 8, 2011
Link with Article Images on Facebook
The Facebook Like image thumbnail issue was driving me insane. Whenever someone Liked an article, it was publishing it to their wall with a Twitter icon. Now it is publishing the correct image from the top of the article. Thank you so much for providing this as a free plugin!!!
bytveith, October 27, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Thank you - absolutely what I needed. I tried a similiar module that messed up my template when viewing with IE and Chrome. This worked perfectly. The only tweak I had to make was to modify the PHP file and replace the URL for the RSS feed. You automatically default this to the home page of the web site. I wanted it to point directly to my Feedburner feed. It would be nice if you allowed a complete modification of the RSS feed URL rather than forcing it to default to the home page URL.

Otherwise - thanks again, the module works very well :)
bytveith, October 26, 2010
Social Media Icon Links
I can't even tell you how upset I am with this module. At first glance this seemed to be exactly what I needed for my web site. Stupid me, I tested with Firefox and ignored the other browsers. After much modification of my site, I decided to test IE, Chrome and Safari. My code worked in Firefox and Safari but the main module, articles etc. would not display. I pulled my hair out troubleshooting this problem, changing code, etc. before I decided to disable plugins and modules to see if any of them was causing the problme. Lo and behold, this module was the culprit.

Not sure what type of code is used here but beware because it breaks several browsers. So if you are having this same problem, disable this module first and you will solve your problem. Or better yet, don't use this at all until the developer tests his code.

I am one VERY UNHAPPY customer.
Owner's reply

I apologize for the inconvenience. It turns out there was a typo in the code for the RSS Feed link. A very simple fix but unfortunately it wasn't brought to our attention until yesterday. If you ever find a bug, please report it to our support so we can resolve it right away.

We have released a new version than now validates W3C with the RSS Feed link. I welcome you to give the module another try.