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bytvigar, June 25, 2010
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ARTIO FusionCharts
All I can say is WOW!

This is a beautiful extension, wonderful documentation, a seamless, fluid experience. The bar has been set high with this extension, it's presentation and intuitiveness is topnotch... the simplicity of its integration into an article is the best I've seen.

10 stars out of 5!
bytvigar, March 29, 2010
WISroGIS mapping
I'm usually very hesitant about asking developers about the potential of their products for a particular need. Yet I really liked this map and thought there may be potential for a specific feature integrated with Sobi2, so I bit the bullet and sent of a question. I'm glad I did! Cristi has been very responsive, supportive and keenly interested in our need and is working towards meeting it!

I would not hesitate to purchase any of the tools available by This particular one I will definitely integrate into future Sobi2 installations!
bytvigar, August 7, 2008
This is one of 6 extensions that I always install on any joomla website!

Keeps SEO Simple and Effective!
PixSearch Ajax Search
Awesome search engine!

Really brings the page to life... a newbie like me was able to troubleshoot the settings to get it sing out the search results!

Standard search component for all my new joomla sites and installs!

Thanks a billion!
Awesome addition!

This extension provides all the goodies and control over editing content!

I ran into a tiny configuration issue, but support was within 2 hours - awesome!

One of the standard extensions for all of my new Joomla websites and installs!

Looking forward to the subscription plugins too!

Thanks a billion!!!