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bytvos, August 5, 2013
Last couple of months, I have done some extensive searching, testing, with different payment packages for my site. Tried hikashop, virtuemart, osemembership and kept coming back to payplans.

The other applications are good depending on your environment but these didn't do justice for my site. Some of the applications would have this feature but not that feature. I hate to compromise!

As I started testing payplans against my site by trial I came to conclusion this would drive my e-commerce based on a subscription site.

From the installation, start-up to functional didn't take long. Straight forward and right out of the box!

I am very specific, picky about presentation of my joomla site. Everything has to be perfect visually and uniform. I do a lot of tweaking, configuring til I get the desired result.

There were specifics that I turned to the development team on customization of using their applications that accompany payplans. One particular developer took a week to help me with visual refinements in a template that was already configured. That template didn't match my site so I asked payplans to help me. I'll make the changes in photoshop and you guys can work your magic programming the php.

What striked me is that they didn't ask for additional money for these changes like most companies would at this magnitude. I have gotten to know the developers and who they are as friends not a sales agents.

Every question that I posted in the forum has been replied to and extremely friendly. They respond "If you need anything else or does this answer your question"? and consider the ticket closed when the customer closes it.

I really like the design in the backend of joomla and how simple the layout is straightforward. What is most impressive is that there is over 200 applications they develop for payplans which is free with your membership. Some of these add-on's are one page check out, pdf invoice intergration, k2 article embedding etc.

Readybytes who developed payplans really take their time and work with the customers. If you read the reviews it speaks volumes!

The price at first was a little scary when signing up. I thought that virtue-mart would be the best way to go for free. I had VM2 working and running but needed more customization. The forum for help most of the mods were negative in helping and arrogant.

Other companies I asked for info. on their product, trial, testing, took too long return email. Like in days...

Payplans might not be for everyone but for me and a subscription based environement. Paypans will definitely be driving my business because of good customer service, support, and friendship....

All the best,

David A. Warner
Owner's reply

Hello David,

Tons of Thank for you. You took the pain to write out your heart.

That was really awesome and something we always crave for.

We are very grateful to you for the details that you mentioned about us over here, that was very cool.

As developers we have always believed Joomla members to be our family and our users our friends.

Thank You very much David.
Team Ready Bytes

bytvos, July 24, 2013
SJ Sticky Any Module
Just recently purchased this plugin from SJ. I did look up what it took to create a module position in a template and seems like too much work.. Unless your a coder.It does exactly what it states.

I like this plugin because it is exactly what I am looking for for creating module positions w/o the hassle of coding. It does have a option for css to control the parameters which is a nice tool.

Definitely well worth the purchase and other items here in this site. Not to mention that SJ staff have been extremely helpful in customization of their products.

All the best,

Author - David A. Warner