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JCK Editor
Hi All... quick comment here: giving FCKeditor ANYTHING other than an 5 star EXCELLENT rating makes me shudder. ALSO: respect, though I Don't know anything about the cutting off the toolbar issue... certain sexy here - using [set to] 100% width. Having suffered thru weeks of dreamweaver [WITH css style sheet off, and other tweaks,JCE and the others... well, JCE sure is pretty and cool.. and I have found using JCE is cool..

yet, it's ALWAYS FCK that doesn't mess with code.. I've done stuff where ONLY FCK could save my head...

the REAL best fact [for me] is when I run a copy of it on my localhost server 'standalone', and if you get INTO fck it's SO available once I figured out how it works for folders and stuff. This way I can do edits like in dreamweaver WITHOUT totally contadicting the template's style sheets and overrides and stuff...

Anyways: not brilliantly said here though I wrote MAINLY cause the people who do FCK and our own fabulously on it JoomlaFCK Team should be gettin' a LOTTA pats on the back..

What would life be without fast action on updates and all for FCkeditor...?


best wishes to ALL