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I installed the component and got it working immediately. After a few hours of use, though, I started noticing bugs popping up with the file manager portion of the component. I researched the issue on the author's website and saw others had similar issues. Despite many people having this problem, the author has not issued a statement or provided a fix. I'm glad I did not buy the pro version
bytwill1989, September 6, 2012
Disqus Comments
Great Extension in terms of ease of use and styling but I don't understand why it doesn't link to the Joomla user database.

Commenters can log in via twitter, Facebook, Google+, and others but if they already have an account on your site, they can't just use their credentials from that to post. It doesn't make sense to me.
Owner's reply

That question applies to Disqus (the service) and the short answer is that, being a web service, it's not meant to integrate that deeply into Joomla!. E.g. it's got benefits (like the anti-spam features) which could never be implemented into a Joomla! commenting system.

bytwill1989, August 22, 2012
Payment Form
My organization has used this component for numerous websites for a number of years. It's easy to understand and implement and has great features.

The support is horrible though. A number of my clients have upgraded to 2.5 and the 1.5 version of this component is no longer compatible. To get a updated version of this component, though, you have to pay again. I understand paying for upgraded features but when the core system itself requires the component to be updated, requiring payment again is just taking advantage of the customer. Especially when the new version of the component is more of a update rather than a upgrade to make it compatible with the current Joomla software. None of my other commercial components or modules required duplicate payments for up to date software. I'll be searching elsewhere for other solutions from now on