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bytxusmi, November 7, 2012
Akeeba Backup
Dozens of sites, always Akeeba Backup. Almost never fails and if it does the support and the documentation give you the solution at no time. This tool is incredible.

bytxusmi, October 10, 2012
Text To Module

Sometimes I need some advanced layouts. This module helps me to create it. You can render any article element (title, alias, introtext, fulltext, etc ) inside the module.

If you write "JHTML::_('content.prepare', '{text2mod}'.$this->item->title.'{/text2mod}');" anywhere in your template, the module render the article title. And so on.

Extremely useful.

bytxusmi, October 3, 2012

The world of CCKs is exciting. There are different types and each one has pros and cons. Choosing one is a hard work because you have to test them thoroughly to know them well and because most of them are very good.

In recent years I have tried almost everyone (K2, Zoo, Seblod, Pages-and-Items, FLEXIcontent and ContentBuilder). For large projects I choose Seblod because it is extremely powerful and although gain control over it is an arduous task, it allows to do anything imaginable. But for most of sites is overkill.

Then I decided to try FieldsAttach and I fell for him. Easy, stable, free and works with com_content.

If what you need is to add some data quickly or completely control the look and feel of the Joomla articles (through Joomla and FieldsAttach overrides) to create all kinds of content (Catalogs, Downloads, Blogs, News, etc.) there is no doubt, FieldsAttach is the king.

My customers are happy because they add content articles from the standard manager (FieldsAttach adds form fields to default Joomla article manager) and I'm happy because I can do it easily and effectively.

And better, the development is fully alive.

And much better, the developer answers your questions or solves your problems with an astonishing speed and friendliness.

Thanks Cristian