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JE K2 Story
If you only need a simple form for front end k2 submissions... So many things make this extension an ideal replacement for k2's original forms. I have been using the extension for several versions.


- I found it to be a much faster upload that the k2 form
- The email notification was a great asset that I don't believe is inherent in k2
- with the "multiple forms" version of k2 story, there is so much control over creating different forms for different categories and different permissions
- The forms are MUCH more user friendly than original k2 forms.. without any hacking
- The support has been timely and sincere at working out issues and the extension has improved greatly over the span of its releases

- The information that can be submitted is just the basic title, content, image, and extra fields... great for most but could be limiting for some.
- I found a couple of bugs over the years but the support has been great at sorting them out. For many people, working out a bug with the developer is easier than hacking k2 to get what you want.

Summary: For a basic user friendly front end form without hacking k2, this extension is very great.
bytyania, June 28, 2012
Very clean looking extension that handles all basic event management from the back end flawlessly. I had some issue with Java Script and template conflicts and the support was great in suggesting solutions.
bytyania, March 11, 2012
Art Calendar
It seems to be the only extension of its kind... working directly from joomla articles and K2 items.
There were some bugs and support was great at working to overcome them.
There are limitations as well that could be improved including:
-(!important) allowing more control over date and time of auto generated events from categories (perhaps controlled by extra fields or at least, further controlled from the extension control panel to include multi-day events and end times)
-a better user interface for menu item assignment (to directly assign to single calendar or calendar groups or calendar list)
-perhaps some color coding for the calendar group presentation (different colors to define what calendar the event belongs to) The calendar starts to look overwhelming with multiple events in each day.
Good extension with room to develop if the developers keep at it.