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byubergeekster, July 10, 2014
Bought this hoping for the best and ... I should have known better but gave them several months to actually get it working and they never did. I paid for a 1 year subscription this kicked out 2 versions after I purchased it and none of them worked on the latest version of Joomla which back then was still in the 2.5.x release. I even started looking into their code hoping it might be something that I could resolve but that was the final nail in the coffin actually.

I have never written a bad review for anything but between the lack of quality code plus their absolute response to bug reports and asking how much longer cost me a hell of a lot more than what I paid them.

If you need a coupon component. Look someplace else, built it from one of the CCK's like K2 or even Fabrik.

In one years time, they never did come out with a workable version unless I was willing to build a site in an old version of Joomla that had security issues. Even if this was free, I would look someplace else this isn't even worth your time.