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byudi, April 26, 2013
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
Works like a charm. And a very fast support. GOOD JOB!
byudi, August 4, 2009
I've made some e-commerce solutions on VM. I have to say that customisation is not an easy job with that component.

Now... I was searching for some EASY solution for my clients website, that enables customers to make orders on-line WITHOUT any registration. Lucky me! I've found that one.

-orders without registration (this may be considered as disadvantage... but for lot of us this is a big +)
-basic Joomla! content as shop articles - you can create ANY content and add shop buttons and cart info without restrictions and hours spent on configuration (still thinking about VM...)
-I really love the idea of KISS - keep it simple stupid. this component (module & plugins) is 100% kissed.

now some cold water:
-if we use content as articles why not to relate it via component with the adding to cart capability? I mean: why to use plugin to parse content {prodcode=""}? it would be easier if we could choose some articles section as a default cart content and use all articles in it as shop products. in configuration panel we could only choose which section & articles are available for shopping...

well... that's all. really love that one.