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byukulele, October 21, 2010
because it has cool features, and...

yes, that is the main reason for me, because joomla native sef messes up some components code, and all the "big" sef components require joomla sef activated. why? i don't know, but i find that stupid.

so for me this component is the best :)
byukulele, September 22, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
the best thing is that i can assign it to articles, and URL's. i just put a keyword in the alias, and there we go :)
this is awesome, keep up the good work!
byukulele, July 28, 2010
nowadays front-end editing, and joomfish integration is a must if you want to make a site other than english.
and front-end editing should be a standard.
also i don't like, that it separates itself from the core articles, and doesn't have it's own advanced search :(
it is nice, and all, but it if you want multilingual content, or frontend editing for the client, this is not a good choice :(
Owner's reply

Looks like you've never used K2, because if you did, you'd see that BOTH frontend editing and Joom!Fish support are standard K2 features since day 1 of its release...

byukulele, July 7, 2010
this is THE extension i need for my television website.
and the best thing is, that the client can edit it from the front-end.
one request if possible: joomfish frontend editing, what i mean, is that when i change language in front end, to automatically edit it in that language, including the time.

all together this the best event extension so far, so maximum rating.

and... it is free :D