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byumbergerba, November 27, 2013
There are numerous issues people are having with this extension and many, many unanswered questions on the forums. It looks as though myself and others will be looking for other alternatives. Apparently, the developers don't care about the questions they have no answers for, or about the people using their product.
byumbergerba, October 16, 2013
Remote & Local Image Manager
This extension is quite easily one of my favorite extensions. It functions smoothly, looks great and is feature rich yet simple to configure. I install this on every Joomla site!
byumbergerba, October 10, 2013
Overall this extension has some great potential, but there is a lot of work to do and no one seems to care about supporting those with questions and issues. The forums are, for all intents and purposes useless and dead. Might as well uninstall them. Zero support and zero documentation. There are people posting issues that have gone unanswered for months and years! It's sad too, because with just a little effort this could be something spectacular. Here are is issues that I found ... Poor look and feel throughout the component with overly large buttons and lack of proper spacing between elements, frankly it just looks sloppy; no way to change the intro text on the main component page; issues with recaptcha; commentary very buggy on page refreshes; cannot completely disable commentary (drop-down remains after turning it off); several options on the back-end do not seem to be supported or are no longer working ... the list goes on. Many of these would probably be minor for the developers to fix, but since there is no support I have no choice but to post my issues here.
byumbergerba, August 9, 2013
There are a few issues worth mentioning ...

1. The extension ONLY tracks the TOTAL number of times an article is staged, NOT what has recently been staged. This forces the admin to look through the entire list to see is there is anything needing "looked" at and approved or reversed. There is no "new or recent cue" ... so if you are using this extension as part of a wiki-style setup in Joomla with lots of updates being performed by lots of different registered members (as in my case), this would cause a ton of frustration. In fairness though, I don't believe it was designed for that particular environment (hence my good rating still).

2. As I was testing the extension, I noticed once where the extension did NOT portray my edits correctly in the staged version awaiting approval. Lines were crossed out that were never actually deleted. This concerns me a bit, and makes the extension a little untrustworthy. Is it showing me the "true" updates or not?

3. Versions and Workflow on the front end was a bit difficult to understand what was happening. Sometimes it didn't show other versions at all, though this may have been my particular permissions in need of adjustment. Also, the tabbed css was off a bit with my themes. Should probably get rid of the tabs and go with something more straight forward and functional; not as pretty, but this would then work better with other themes.

I believe with some tweaking and more testing this would be a really nice extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review.
Item #1 is actually not correct. If you click on the Workflow button you will see the revisions ordered by date, including the content of those revisions.

Re #2: We use a open source HTML Diff, which is about as good as it gets. HTML Diff is non-deterministic, test changed to test actually looks like the string "test" was deleted.

#3 is always tough, e.g. themes with overreaching CSS are freely able to manipulate our layout.

byumbergerba, August 6, 2013
B2J Social Sharer
Looks great; many styles; works great, plenty of options ... what more can I say. If you want something that works AND looks good, grab this!
byumbergerba, July 31, 2013
News Calendar
This is a really nice little news calendar, however, the links to the articles don't quite work right on iPad & iPhone yet (you have to open the link in new tab in order for the link to work at all) ... but the module does seem to be responsive on smaller screens and still looks good! I like all the options and features too.
byumbergerba, July 31, 2013
JJ Social Slider
This has to be the best social bar I've seen to date. Simple to install, just hide it in any position and it just works!!! Tons of social links plus room for custom links and RSS too. Plus, vary the color to fit your site. Excellent ... hats off!
byumbergerba, July 30, 2013
My Sites
If you don't want to go through the process of duplicating this extension in native Joomla (and you could easily), then this is the package to use. This extension is remarkably simple and looks clean having all the basics, I really like it. Plus, it can be used for more than just websites, I was using it for my various design and publishing projects too. However, it is not responsive and breaks for format of my mobile template. I'm sure with some work this could be adjusted. Nice job!
byumbergerba, July 30, 2013
jQuery Easy
My site was experiencing jQuery conflicts. I installed this, activated plugin and set it for latest version of jQuery ... FIXED! ... It was just that easy. THX sooo much!
Owner's reply

You are very welcome! Thank you for the review, I do appreciate it.

byumbergerba, July 29, 2013
Missing Meta Check
Remarkable extension, perfect! Assign this module to your Admin cPanel and it does exactly as it says, creates a complete list of articles with missing meta data. Especially good if you have authors on your site who often forget to fill in the data. Works great ... nice job, hats-off!
byumbergerba, July 16, 2013
K2 seems stable, looks good, tons of capabilities but I couldn't get past a simple problem. And worse yet, except for a few instances, there remains many users counting myself that have never found a solution and are simply being ignored on the support forums. K2's own registration system seems to conflict with Joomla's own default reCaptcha system. I and others have followed every single piece of advise available, yet the issue remains. So, you end-up with two choices: turn off reCaptcha (not acceptable), or uninstall K2 and go with another system to manage your advanced content ... huge disappointment!!! ... no doubt a dev will respond to this and tell me how much I didn't do.
Owner's reply

Your question is probably answered on the forum already, as it's too simple. Either disable the Joomla! reCaptcha plugin and enable K2's built in or the opposite. Both will work. If they didn't, then maybe some other system or user plugin is to blame. If I were you, I'd disable Joomla! reCaptcha, because K2's can also be hooked up with StopForumSpam, in which case, real human spammers are 95% of the times caught and blocked.