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byun10cked, February 4, 2014
The developer has helped me set up this extension whenever I have a question.

This captcha is really user friendly. It works on mobiles as well.

I have never seen a captcha solution that is fun to solved which will help convert people at the registration! Thank you.
byun10cked, February 4, 2014
Virtual Domains
One of my clients asked this complicated joomla setup and this extension saved a lot of hassle & money. It works as it is described. Highly recommended if you are looking to host several joomla sites.
byun10cked, January 3, 2014
Akeeba Backup
This extension deserves a 10 Star actually. I do not need to worry about my sites not backed up properly.

It takes care of the hard work...

Dropbox support is amazing.

You can even recover the site using backend a couple of clicks!

Thank you
byun10cked, January 3, 2014
Super excellent editor. Very customisable too. All my joomla sites have jce. Cannot complete a site without it!
byun10cked, December 28, 2013
Flexicontent makes your content flexible!

When I say flexible, I really mean it!

I wanted to create a joomla site that is easy to update to without going through all those steps.

I wanted to create a website that follows the same structure throughout the site.

Flexi is the answer.

And dont forget that you are not alone while building it. Visit their forum. They are really helpful!
byun10cked, December 21, 2013
I had a bit of trouble setting it up at first but I was missing some of the settings..

After going through the steps and checking a couple of forum posts, I managed to set it up pretty quick...

I can now see my users on mailchimp. No fuss :)
byun10cked, June 28, 2012
VM Aus Post Shipping for VirtueMart
It exactly does what the description says. I have just used it for a e-commerce website. I am planning to use it for my other websites as well in the future.
Some of the features include: Easy to install as it is a native plugin.

+ You do not have to enter volume information for each product as it has a standard volume organiser

I had first trouble with the extension but John solved my problem in hours.

I recently had a trouble again as the extension was not working beacuse of the Australia Post update. My problem was solved again in hours...

So thank you very much for the great extension.