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byunclet, January 16, 2013
Facebook Wall Feeds
We are running at site that are build on user contribution. So we have to offer the best from "all worlds" - also Facebook. We where in need of an extention that could seemless get facebook groupwalls into our site without ruin the layout. This extention does the jon. Super extention for small money + Excellent and quick Support - we love this extention - it deliver exact what it promises. Thumbs up from here
byunclet, January 16, 2013
For a long time we have been using an other extention for our site. Classified i a big part of the services we provide to our users, and its important that we have a system that we can rely on. When we upgraded to joomla 2.5 we started to get a lot of problems with our previous system, and many of the services/modules could not run like it was supposed to. So we needed to make a dicision - should we use a lot of money on a develovper to fix our old system, or should we go for a new extention. Our choice fall on DJ Classifieds - and thats maby one of the best decisions we have made regarding our site. DJ Classified is really intuiativ and easy to set up. You can controlle almost every feature in the extention - and can say that we are 100% satisfied. Also the support is very good and the response is very fast. We can absolutly recommend this extention
byunclet, January 4, 2013
After many years with different blog components, we chose last year to switch to EasyBlog. Initially we had a lot of challenges in terms of an upgrade of Joomla, and we decided to get something totally new. The choice fell on Easy Blog because it has a great layout, and some fabulous import opportunities. After running with EasyBlog for almost 6 months, we can conclude that this is one of the best investments we have made in relation to components for our website.
Service and support is a chapter for itself. This is the best and most positive support experience we had. Fast and accurate response. We are now truly cared for and safe. We give StackIdeas ten out of ten in points for both product and service