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byundercash, April 12, 2014
Starlite Notification Bar
Installed in 2 min, the bar wasn't showing at all.
I contacted the creator and received a very fast support.
After he did some changes in the code, the bar is showing and working properly.
It's a great extension that could get even more value if the menu selection was easier and more intuitive. Like display in all menu, only the one I select, or none, instead of having to activate menus items one by one.

Good job, I recommend!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

We are happy that we have solved the problem which was due to jQuery no conflict method used in your site.

Regarding menu assignment(like on all pages, no pages etc) as module manager provides in Joomla back-end, we will check feasibility and do needful.

byundercash, December 24, 2013
Lazy Load for Joomla!
It's probably a good plugin, the idea isn't new but always welcome.

Installed in 10s but gave me whole blank pages on whole website
Owner's reply

Please always use the correct version for your Joomla! version.

However, this problem was never reported and I really doubt that it is true what you say...

byundercash, February 1, 2011
Vinaora Cu3er
Well I just tested this extensions and it is not bad at all but few details stop me from using it on production website

first it use the free version of the javascript library, and you cannot change the preloader logo. That same loader takes actually long time even with small picture sized to load.. which is kinda of a problem considering this kind of module is to be put in header/slideshow/top positions, with lots of visibility. Good point is the logo was actually removed.

Also, I was totally unable to load this module into another module using "module anywhere" which is a pity as I just said, it makes sense to use this module on position usually occupied by modules: it brings problems as you cannot put text or customize with simple html around the module.

In the same area, the module doesn't provide any way to insert a background image, unlike the actual standalone js library. I tried copy/paste their background settings from the standalone xml in the module's xml, no result of course.

Last, the forum seems totally abandoned since past November
byundercash, March 5, 2010
Yes, Jfusion may not work with all targeted softwares versions but something you really cannot say (in answer to the previous review) is that their support is poor.

You always get an answer from the support forum. It might not solve your problem but they always try. and remember, this is a free component
byundercash, July 28, 2009
The component seems very reliable. Install like a charm,good live statistiques.

however I am trying to build a nicely looking website. Do I want these modules to appears to anyone? No. It looks bad, takes load of space, and provoke suspicion to novice internet users.
So basically for me this component is useless since he can't work without front end module.