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byundermanager, August 18, 2013
Very easy to set-up and use. I transfered 100s of articles from different categories in a 2.5 site to new categories in a 3.1 site without any problem. The trick is to transfer content one category at a time if you need content to go in specific places. Very happy with how much work I've saved. Thanks to the developer.
byundermanager, July 23, 2013
I've been trying out eCommerce components for my Joomla site. This is the one for us!

It was very easy to set up. The documentation is superb, clear, organised and in good English. The forum was very useful.

The example site gives you access to both the front and back-end of the shop so you can quickly see how things can be set up, which is very useful.

The features were excellent, and had things in that other components charged for. I started with the free version, which I am sure would suit most start-ups, but will go for a paid one soon, as it seems to represent excellent value for money.

Highly recommended.
byundermanager, July 23, 2013
I've been trying out a few eCommerce components for my business and gave this a go.

It is okay and should do the job for most starter websites. I found it reasonably easy to set up a basic shop but not without a lot of time and messing around; the documentation was not always good, present or clear, sometimes was very very brief and sometimes in German. Answers to questions appeared very fast on the forum though so 10 / 10 for support.

There are a lot of paid-for add-ons with this component and you have to pay for key features - the cost could soon rack up. For example, if you want to calculate shipping by the cost of the order rather than weight, it'll cost you.

If you just want a basic shop, this may be for you. I wouldn't like to start setting up a complex shop with this component with lots of features though as the documenation would drive me crazy and I can see the cost going up quickly.