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byunimatrix, December 17, 2012
read less title
One of my favorite Joomla extensions. By giving you the ability to directly (and unobtrusively) control character or word count preceeding the read more button, the plug-in greatly improves organization of the category layout pages. In a nutshell, it helps you manage whitespaces you'd normally get with varying article intro lengths.

Furthermore, you can also fully customize (style and text) the "read me" button so it blends into any template.
byunimatrix, October 1, 2012
Authentication - EMail
Essential component to any modern website.

Works right out of the box. Great work!
byunimatrix, November 21, 2010
You basically get a Sitemap page that seamlessly integrates into most templates. On top of that, it automatically generates XML files for search engines - a service that is usually premium-priced.

Big thanks to the developer!
byunimatrix, November 21, 2010
DPCalendar Lite
Flawless installation and integration. Exceeded my expectations.
byunimatrix, November 5, 2010
Flexi Contact
Simple to install, lightweight, feature-rich, blends seamlessly into existing templates, original captcha system, remembers field values on failed submit.

To summarize, the best contact form I found in the extensions directory.
Job Grok List
Just like its application counterpart, the listing module is spiffy and easily customizable. It installs in seconds and does exactly what it says.

A must for any small business with an HR department!

byunimatrix, December 23, 2008
Job Grok App
The extension installed very smoothly - without a single glitch. Although I never read the manual, the extension is designed in such an intuitive way that all you need is common sense to guide yourself around its pages.

As for its functionality, it is very rich in features and even rivals some of the prominent job board out there. The only improvement I would make is dynamic, ajax-based field generation (rather than having Employer 1, Employer2 etc.).

Great job!
byunimatrix, December 18, 2008
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Just integrated this into my Joomie and I really love it. Not only does it empower the site with user-messaging capabilities, but it's got a comprehensive admin back-end which let's you control the smallest of options (some that would probably never come to your mind).

Huge thumbs up!

byunimatrix, December 16, 2008
Superb extension that every Joomla owner should install. It lets you do one very basic permission-based rule that Joomla core doesn't - display content targeted only at non-registered users! This is great if you'd like to have calls to action and such, material you wouldn't want to display to your existing customers.

Oh just wanted to mention one more thing. The mod's homepage states the extension works with Joomla 1.5.3 - 1.5.7 ... well I got it working on my 1.5.8 without any fuss.

Owner's reply

Thanks for your message Marc. I've changed the wording on the MetaMod home page to state that it works on 1.5.3 and up.
I'm delighted that MetaMod helped your site. Targeting non-registered users is just one of hundreds of functions that MetaMod can use to customise which modules appear on which pages of your site.

byunimatrix, December 15, 2008
I like the form builder. It is easy to use and rather versatile.

What I don't like is the copyright that comes with it. Unless you get the $25 ad-free license, you're stuck with an unsightly, unrelated advertisement at the bottom of your published form. I mean if the back-link said something like "powered by: Chronoforms", fine, fair game. Instead, it says "Joomla Professional Work", all 3 words linking back to Firstly, everyone's going to know what platform you're using off the bat (ie Joomla), second, it really is unsightly and conjures images of unrelated adSense advertising.
byunimatrix, December 14, 2008
Worked like a charm. From its installation to the actual bridging process, all went like a breeze. JFusion's "wizard" managed to automatically detect PHPBB3's correct settings when pointed to its directory, which really simplifies the bridging process even further. Big thumbs up.