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byuniversalckcs, October 14, 2013
If you want an easy to use versatile contact form this is it! I have purchased and used other form extensions but keep coming back to this one. The documentation is clear and easy so you don't have to spend hours trying to find out why something isn't working right. About the only thing it doesn't have which other form makers might is e-commerce options but I've put together some fairly comprehensive forms with this extension. It also has decent spam control. It's not perfect but I've never found an extension that is and the best part, it's free! Though I did make a small donation after I realised how often I use this extension on sites!
byuniversalckcs, June 7, 2013
OSE Membership™
I now have 2 extensions from this company which I use on multiple sites and I have found that their support is unparallelled - I'm not sure these guys ever sleep! They will answer questions and give help and advice on anything even remotely related to their products. Nor do they make you feel like an idiot but patiently give you instructions to follow to get your sites working. I was moving from another subscription system to theirs during a J 2.5 migration and they ensured that it would work before charging for the product. They then fixed any problems and answered my numerous questions tirelessly to make sure their products worked to my satisfaction. As for OSE Membership I find it is fairly easy to use once you understand the basics and it does the job I need it to do!
byuniversalckcs, July 11, 2010
Documents Seller
Reviews are very helpful when I decide on an extension. This extension had a lot of positive reviews and most made mention of Tuan's great support. Absolutely true! I like the fact that there is the willingness to both answer pre-sale questions and continuing post-sale, rather than leaving the buyer to struggle to figure it out on their own or just giving up. Also the fact that Tuan is continuing to develop this extension, rather than just letting it stagnate is great. I have downloaded some wonderful extensions but few offer the service that I have received with DMS. This is definitely a 5 Star rating and worth the small fee, just for the support.
byuniversalckcs, June 14, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
Joomla extensions is like a candy store. Lots of sugar and not all good for you. I've wasted a lot of time trying to find this extension. It deserves an excellent rating for several reasons, it delivers what it promises, it comes with a great tutorial and if that is still not clear Andreas ( comes through with the greatest support. I had a problem (my error) and he took the time to look at my website and found my error.

Simple Picture Slideshow allows you to present your pictures in the content area, in a decent size and include links and captions. What more can you ask for and free. Thanks Andreas.