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byunoto, June 2, 2011
Hi to every one who is new to fabrik, if you happen to read my post, believe me that fabrik is a must have component. I came across this component fews months back, but left it thinking that it has bad support and hard to use.. but today the reason why i am writing this review is, I regret searching for other alternatives for nearly a month and got it done only by using fabrik fabulous :-), kindly have patience and work with it. thank you fabrik team.
byunoto, April 29, 2011
Spearhead Facebook Like Button
This is a great module.. excellent.. I wander why there has been less reviews written.. for those who are searching for FB like in each page, this module is for you..

to owner,

however, it would be great, if you could let this work in each article .. great work ..keep it up
byunoto, April 13, 2011
Google Maps by Reumer
This is the first time I am building site using joomla.. and I needed a google map plugin.I followed every instruction as said. But time and again.. I am getting a window pop alert that I new a new API key..can't get away.. is this a bug or cgf error .. so 4 rating ..