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byunprintabledun, June 17, 2011
Profile Pro for Community Builder
This extension has brought our site to a whole new level, we are getting a good 30% more participation since changing to Community Builder and Adding this addon, it's worth every penny.
byunprintabledun, June 17, 2011
Community Builder
Three of our High traffic sites came to a crashing halt with the last Jomsocial update and there was no help to be found, we simply can't afford to take that kind of hit ever again.

We have switched all of our social networks back to Community Builder after two long years of frustrations.

We're sorry we ever left they truly embrace the heart of the Joomla Community.

Keep up the great work.
byunprintabledun, November 28, 2010
I thought i came up with a unique idea about showing local users to a visitor, when i did a quick search i found this, the extension installed easy, one click and it was ready to go, of course i did have to signup for an api key but that was super easy it does more than what i need but the potential is really cool, also i cant say enough good things about the company they really treated me well.
byunprintabledun, April 9, 2010
It does what it says better than any gift component I've used. Our members love the drag and drop sending of gifts and the other ajax features.

The development team seems to really be on the ball they answered my question within 5 minutes and keep a nice little blog of what they're doing.

Well worth the money.