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byunsichtbarre, September 19, 2014
I am very pleased with DOCMAN and especially the support. I submitted a question on the forum and got immediate response!
byunsichtbarre, July 7, 2010
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Absolute junk. I have used it for some time, but am removing it completely. The developers seem to feel that their Open Source standards for the Remository project are more important than making a functional component. Please, lets respect tradition instead of trying to enforce our own standards. Name the component com_*, get a readable support forum, put upgrade instructions on the site, if many J1.5 implementations are having trouble unpackaging .tgz files, for god sakes upload a ZIP rather than tell users to research "weaknesses in the Joomla installer by following the menu link to the PHP-Ace "Blog""!
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you think that way, many people find Remository highly functional. Does it matter what the package's file name is, so long as it is plainly Remository? Most people seem to be able to read the forum. Upgrade instructions are included in the FAQs on the Remository site. Releasing Remository as zip has been tried, but the Joomla installer is unpredictable, and neither zip nor tar.gz installations work consistently for everyone - some have problems with one, some with the other. Telling people about fixes for Joomla bugs is done in order to be helpful - they don't affect only Remository.