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Reviews(2), February 10, 2010
Realtyna RPL
My name is Colin Valencia from URL removed. I recently purchased the RPL component for a client site URL removed and, from the beginning, their team has been MORE than helpful. I love their product, the support they've provided, and hope that I have an opportunity to use and review the rest of their products. Thank you RealtyNA!!!!, June 29, 2008
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RSform Pro
I own a small company but it works with Fortune 500s, Hollywood Television Stars, and some of the largest non-profits in the world. I "sort of" know my stuff, obviously, so I would never take time from my busy schedule if it wasn't worth it or if I didn't feel like it would help someone. I had the original RSForm version. It's amazing. I did a bilingual credit application in less than 24 hours that integrated, out of the box, with Joomla.

Check us out and let me know if you want to actually know that I'm serious about this product.

Colin Valencia