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byurednik, October 10, 2008
Random MP3 Player
Thanks for developing a simple module that works and looks good. However I have three recommendations:
1. The module misses a option to set the MODULE CLASS.

2. There would be appreciated a way to stop autoreplay.

3. If set to 60 pixels then the module height should fill all of the pixels already in his closed status - flash anyway opens on top of other contents, so it could still use smaller space with more effect.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments, I will certainly keep them in mind.

I am not sure there is any great need to set the module class. The div element containing the player is automatically assigned the class 'musicPlayer' plus the module class suffix. That should give you all the styling freedom that you need.

I agree with your second point.

I think that it is easiest to do point 3 simply by giving the musicplayer div element an absolute position, and setting aside less than 60 pixels height for it to appear. I don't think that you can vary the size of the Flash movie dynamically, at least not with my version of Flash.