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byusu84, December 29, 2011
Comments management for K2
I use joomla 1.7 and k2 v2.5.1
I have installed the component, but... i have to something more?? in my k2 comments i don´t see the option to "vote". I´m sure that i have to change something in my k2 template, but i can´t found the README file or any adittional template.
Owner's reply

The README.txt file is in administrator/components/com_tc_comments.

The README file will tell you what you have to do to modify your K2 template. It will also tell you that if you unzip the patch file that's in the same directory (UPGRADE TO v2.5.4 OF K2 FIRST!) you will get a template that is a modified version of the default K2 template. You would have to select this template in your K2 setup.

byusu84, September 12, 2011
Flyout Tabs
I hadn´t "debug" position in my template, so i create it, and now the module works perfectly


Sorry with my english :DDD
Owner's reply

usu84, Thanks for your kind comments and review. By the way, your English is perfect to my ears! Thanks again.