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byvahidjforum, October 10, 2011
JE K2 Story
after you pay, you will download bunch of bugs,
you will never get support unless you pay more to receive it. i have not paid the second step because if they could make it, they would have done it to begin with, unless they are cheaters so is better to not pay even one more cent.
most of their extensions is listed at joomla vulnerable extensions. thanks to joomla. i wish i had taken it serious.
finally awful
Owner's reply


There are zero bugs in JE K2 story component, Component just put down data into k2 component, k2 not stable in Joomla 1.7 that's why some problem in 1.7 version with k2.

This component working fine more than 200 website without any error, We are not taking any extra payment give you 100% support with out any charge until customer not satisfied. Never Cheating with any client.

Vulnerable extensions is only now two not added JE K2 story Vulnerable extensions. all vulnerable error will solve just my website not add that statement that's why display that two extensions display there.

Hardik mistry