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byvakisd, March 16, 2012
Login Protector
I think this is a MUST have.
I tried to contact the developer from the official website but it is in Russian and I cannot understand. I want to ask, any plans for a version from Joomla 2.5 ?

thanks and congrats!
Owner's reply

Hi! Thanks for your review! I'm very glad to hear that LoginProtector is useful extension! Unfortunately, I don't have time and resources at the moment to upgrade the extension to Joomla 2.5. But as soon as I learn new features, differences of version 2.5 from older ones, I'll try to upgrade the plugin.

byvakisd, March 12, 2012
Without saying much, I quit virtuemart although I am on it almost since it's birth. Main reason, the digital downloads missing. Buy plugins ?. Shame. Sure but why this way... anyway virtuemart (not with capital anymore) Fall comes. Search google for “virtuemart 2 digital downloads forum” and follow the 1st result, read threads and notice especially the dev's attitude. Bye bye. P.s: 1. I would normally not post this because my reaction to those that ignore me, is to ignore them too. 2. We are talking FOSS here, I know how to spend my money and where, very well.