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byvampire666, March 12, 2013
Wow, just wow.

I was stuck with Joomla 1.5 because of another extension (dropdownTOC) that wasn't updated to work with newer versions of Joomla, but now thanks to you and your extension I can finally make the switch!

The plugin is awesome and the support of the developer is even better. I asked him if he would consider to add a feature (the ability to name the first page of the article's toc), and the day after he implemented this feature!!! And it works!!! ;)

Thank you so much Bernard!!!!! I really mean it! :) If I could give you I hug...I would!
Owner's reply

Thank for the feedback. Your query was a good idea and it took me some days in fact to finish it :-)

byvampire666, January 23, 2013
This is a premium quality extension! It's highly configurable, easy to set up and working great! I tried similar extensions for forms, but overall this it's the best of its kind.

What it even more incredible is the level of support that you get from the extension's author (Alex Dobrin): fast, precise and on point!

All this for free! (of course you can help him out signing to his subscription plan)

Thanks Alex!
byvampire666, September 4, 2012
Accordeon Menu CK
I already used Cedric’s plugins in the past so I expected a quality plugin and I was not disappointed. This plugin works perfectly for my needs.
Not to mention the fact that Cedric answered to my questions very quickly and politely, so you can also expect a good level of support by him!

Thank you Cedric!
byvampire666, August 9, 2012
jQuery Reel
Nice extension. Works perfectly.

Suggestion: it would be great if we could set the speed of the scrolling image.

Thank you.
byvampire666, November 20, 2010
Maxi Menu CK
Wow...considering the fact that the authour provides this module for free, I can say just WOW!

Ok, I'll spend a couple of more words to show my appreciation... :P

Not only this is a great module that will extend the functionality of menus like never before (and in a very easy and straightforward fashion), but the support shown by the author of this module is second to none (at least from my experience).

I would have never expected a quick reply to my question, but guess what, that is what I received.

Not only that, he offered to give a look at my site so that he could do some tests and send me a version of the module that would work for my particular needs (I had some overlay problems when using "ShadowBox" and "Highslide JS" image galleries, that where corrected by changing the z-index property value)!!!

It's really nice to see such passion and dedication!

Thank you sir!!!
byvampire666, November 16, 2010
Dropdown Articles
Very nice module!

Can I suggest options to sort the articles by date/ID/author/etc...

That would be terrific.
byvampire666, February 19, 2010
R3D Floater
Very nice module, but I would really like to have some more control on:

- How many times the floater has to run. Now every time a user has to re-read the box every time he loads that page which is annoying and it's useless in particular cases. Would be nice to set it: "run once", or "run x times". (based on cookies or for registered members).