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byvanway, October 28, 2009
Core Design Web Gallery
The pluguin works extremely good, and it's really simple to make it work. However, found myself in trouble because my server didn't allow to modify pngs images. Not knowing what my problem was, and why it didn't work, I wrote the people at, and they found my problem and fixed it in just a couple of emails. The support was outstanding.

Totally recommended to everyone!
byvanway, December 9, 2008
I've tried several email forms and none worked as good as this one. Also, had a small problem so I sent an email to the developer and he helped me out whithin an hour, so you can't ask for better support than this for a free extension! Check it out!
byvanway, December 6, 2008
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
I had loads of problems with all the module based google analytics. Then, I tried this and in one minute google analytics detected it! Really recommended for all those that have problems with the module based cause of their templates! Excelent work!
byvanway, November 18, 2008
Deluxe News Basic
This module works really good. I've been looking for something similar for ages, and till I found this never found anything near.

Because it's version 1.0, I'm gonna tell what I would improve. If you are really bad or null at html (like I am) this will be a bit difficult to configure. You gotta follow the example that they give you in the download section and from there you gotta try some things till you get the result you want. If developers keeps working in this, it would be nice if they could substitute all the html by simple querys like: Image size, font type, etc, etc, instead of having to type all the html or css or whatever is that (sorry, as I said I know nearly nothing about css or html).

But overall, it does what it says, and I really recommend it to those who are looking for something like this.

Thank you developers, and I'll keep looking for updates!
byvanway, October 18, 2008
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mavik Thumbnails
Just what I was waiting! Easy to install and easy to use, it does it everything on it's own! Thank you very much for this!