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byvashanka, January 2, 2014
This is a good solution for migrating content into Joomla from another CMS. Specifically, I moved content from WordPress 3.8 into Joomla 3.2.0. Took a bit of fiddling but I got everything to work.

The biggest gripe I have is that you must have phpMyAdmin installed. I realize it's a fairly ubiquitous tool, but that should have been clearly stated prior to purchase. I prefer to work through command line. Not a huge deal to install phpMyAdmin but I'd rather not have done so.

The only other suggestion I have is to copy your log reports and save them as you complete the steps. I assumed it would keep copies and once I changed screens they were gone. Would be nice to have them to refer to.
byvashanka, July 13, 2011
The proof is in the pudding- this one has everything I needed, including a way to scrape @replies and get them to list. Be sure to read the author's brief page detailing what each field does. Install, publish, configure, and *poof* you are up and running. Highly recommended- only suggestion I would have is for the author to build in a few default stylings.
byvashanka, April 30, 2008
Be Involved!
I installed the extension with no problems but had one bug with the template I was using. I emailed the author and he worked on it over the weekend, then sent me a fix. Fantastic extension and great support; he really cares that it works for your needs.