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byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, October 6, 2012
Pop any Module
This extension isn't cheap, but it works very well, and the support is outstanding. Really outstanding. Recommended.
byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, September 22, 2012
Testimonial Collector
I wanted to use this extension to collect audio stories and needed a lot of help. The developer was very generous with his time, and I'm delighted with the result. Highly Recommended
byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, September 4, 2012
This module works perfectly, even when multiple instances are used on the same page.

What's more, the developer of this free app was kind enough to help me track down and fix a problem caused by another developers extension.

Outstanding extension, outstanding service.
byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, August 22, 2012
SidePanel JT1
I've struggled with similar modules, which worked well on computer browsers but not on iPads. This module is more versatile, and the developer went out of his way help me with a niggling problem that was driving me crazy...

Highly recommended
Owner's reply

Thankyou very much.

byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, May 23, 2012
Cerontek FBWidgets
Getting the various Facebook widgets to work well together can be difficult, and this package ensures good integration. The developer is also exceptionally helpful.

Highly recommended
byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, March 23, 2012
Facebook Comments
This plugin does two important things, providing a comment feature to your articles, and creating inbound links to your site from the facebook pages of people who leave comments.

Works straight out of the box, looks good, recommended

byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, February 23, 2012
This works beautifully on my site. I had a few small problems, and Niranjan was able to tell me what to do to fix them just like that without multiple rounds of back and forth. I also wanted to change some things that required code changes and he told me how to do that as well. Fantastic support. Highly recommend!
byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, June 8, 2011
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Articles Geotag
This is a wonderful (and much needed) extension that makes it very easy to map anything in article form.

Setting up maps is extremely easy: you just zoom to your desired area from the starting flattened globe and set that as your map. Or you can enter the center co-ordinates and the desired zoom level.

I ran into a small glitch, a problem removing tags that I added and the developer fixed it for me right away.

Highest recommendation!
byvbfOXfFvKOnVUoyRtuyw, March 12, 2011
I just have to add my support to the chorus. Very transparent, easy to use extension. Unparalleled support (from Sam). Expensive but worth it IMO
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your reviews!