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byvdespa, July 14, 2014
This plugin has not received an update since Apr 2013.

It throws warnings all over the page. It really discourages Joomla development with error reporting turned on.

No way to submit a PR to fix these issues.
Owner's reply

Thanks for using our extensions.

Please find the time to post at our forums for any technical issues. You can post there for free. Here is the link:


byvdespa, March 20, 2014
It spotted in seconds issues with my extension. Hours of work spared.
byvdespa, September 12, 2013
+ Easy to install end use.
+ Effective in logging common errors and accessing them.

- It will not catch fatal errors (sometimes appearing as white screens).
- It prevents errors being logged to the Apache error log.
Owner's reply

The only thing that can catch a fatal error is a try/catch block.

The plugin offers an option to return captured errors to the server log.