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byvdneut, February 14, 2014
I found lots of options that are well categorised and can be set on general and poll level.
Allow certain backend users create Polls in certain categories.
Show results to voter in clean bar/pie graphics. Restrict number of votes per voter.
Module is designed to fit neetly in column (small) as well as wider columns like content area.
Well done!
byvdneut, July 14, 2012
Contact Information
Author should update the JED to have the 2.5 icon set.
Excelent plugin especially the possibility to use your own html/css formatting between fields.
I'm missing a field that links to the contact component standard contact page and email form.
Might be a small enhancement to consider.
byvdneut, September 24, 2011
What I like most is that if all images are set for smartresize, you can make an exception just by adding the class nosmartresize. Works perfect and saves a lot of resizing trouble when you run a site with lots of autors.
byvdneut, September 3, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
One of the first (free)Newsletter components in which everything works immediately! Very professional and well-thought design, structure and process to sustain newsletter mailings.
What I like most: import mechanism for subscribers, subscribe and unsubscribe mechanism and leveled parameters (newsletter overrules list/template, list/template overrules general configuration). So... Excellent!
byvdneut, July 15, 2010
This is what a free module should be. It should do what is prommissed and surprise you in rich options. Small, clean (no tables) module fits every site and need for counters. And that without the need for heavy stats component. Good job! Thanks!
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review!