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I'm running web consultancy agency, so i can review based on developer perspective and also user perspective.

I can understand why some reviewer give low rating. Because virtuemart is not 'out of the box' shopping cart extension.

With TONS of features and flexibility, it will be difficult for VM team to create one solution that fits all online business. So when you install, you get the GENERIC template which simply need lots of tweak.

But in developers perspective, when you able to understand Joomla MVC, VM2 is really a complete shop that has TRUE integration with joomla, you can do almost anything.. the sky is the limit !

Why i don't give 5 star ? because of the documentation! At this time of writing, this is where Virtuemart Team need to put more commitment, even their wiki for Virtuemart 2 plugin development is outdated. (per December 2012) This can mislead a lot of people who wanted to develop solution with Virtuemart 2. So, if you want to learn VM2, you must gather information yourself in forum and by compare the code from default plugin.

Conclusion ? Virtuemart 2 is in the right direction to build powerful shopping cart in Joomla, it need extra work on the documentation (i think you should give the user guide for free instead of buying it from oscmanuals).

If you claimed to be a Joomla developer, this extension is worth 'time investment'
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comments re: documentation, it has been noted.

byveeco, October 17, 2012
CSVI Pro will make your life easier, especially when you work with a lot of product management. It saves time as well as product management now can be manage offline in Spreadsheet program like Excel

The support even better, i purchase several commercial extension and csvi pro is the top leader in support service. Every problem post will have feedback within 1-5 hours, Roland explain a lot of detail clearly, he know what he did.

Hopefully this excellence support and product continues. I recommend this extension to all Virtuemart Developer. A must have !
byveeco, October 26, 2010
hello, i've been this extension for more than a month. So far i could say this CCK has a lot of potential. For Joomla User, you'll find this CCK will bring your joomla site to the next level (no need to wait for 1.6). But the story kind different for new Joomla Developer. I agree with several comentator that it lack of support, especially for developer. Some video does not run, No K2 developer 101 section, the sample plugin for developer is still for the old version. So if you're joomla developer, make sure you really understand joomla programming very well, willing to read codes for simple reverse enginering.. mostly you will find the answer by yourself as you trial and error the code. Don't expect helps from the forum too much.