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byveggie_89, March 15, 2013
Admin Bar Unlocker
This is one of the those extensions that should really just be built in to Joomla!, but you're so glad that some one took the time to write it. It makes moving around in the administration section so much less cumbersome. Thanks for this great extension!
byveggie_89, November 9, 2012
Facebook Like Button
This is a great extension. easy to use, highly customizable and free! My only caveat is that I had to add a high z-index value(2000) to the ".fb_edge_widget_with_comment" class to get the comment box to not be obscured by my menu. The developer might consider adding this by default or at least creating an option for it in the module parameters.
Owner's reply

I will add this function in the next version.

byveggie_89, June 4, 2012
Admin Menu K2
WARNING: The download link directly download the 1.5 ONLY version. I made the mistake of installing that on my 2.5 site. Not pretty!
Besides that though, this is a great extension. It was confusing for me to have to tell my clients to go to components>K2>Items and have a content tab right up front that they never used. This extension fixes that completely! Now with the 2.5 version you can turn choose to hide the standard "content" menu and only display the K2 menu.
Thanks for this great extension!
Owner's reply

Thanx, great i I can help.... Unfortunately JED doesn't allow two download links for each extension version, so this is the only thing I could do :(

byveggie_89, May 16, 2012
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Core Design FAQ
I never got to use this plugin, After installing it, I had to spend half a day trying to fix my site. I couldn't login as a super-admin. Joomla said: "You do not have access to the administrator section of this site". Finally I went into cPanel>PHPmyAdmin>Joomla_Database>#_user_usergroup_map> and set my user from 8(superadmin) to 7(admin). Then I was able to uninstall the component and everything worked fine.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry about your situation but this plugin does not affect the database at all.
Except the #__extensions table but this table is controlled by default by Joomla! installation process.

byveggie_89, January 22, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
This extension is super easy to install and adds so much functionality to the module manager. I now use it on all my sites and I hope that Joomla 1.6 incorporates this kind of functionality into their core system. Definitely worth your time & if you can donate to "No-Number" He has all kinds of great extensions and he offers them all for free. It's really the least we could do.