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BookLibrary Basic

I am using this on a site for a mountaineering club to display a list of books. It works pretty well, and is certainly way better than a static list.

I have found a few 'bugs' though, the worst of which is that the 'lend' functionality from the front end does not work at all if you restrict it to registered users.

Its also a shame that books cannot be added to the library from the front end. We have a 'librarian' in the club whom I have had to enable back-end access for so he can maintain the list of books.

It would be nice if there were support for DVD's in there as well.

I guess its a fairly new component, and I look forward to it evolving!

Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. It is better to post bugs you find in the component support forum, as we are already working on a new improved version. That way we can include the fixes...

byveletron, September 18, 2007

For my money this is the best of the bunch of the event management modules. The main issue that I have with it is that it does not function with SEO enabled.

The backend works fine with SEO, but it is impossible to save from the front end with SEO enabled (save button does nothing).

Turn off SEO and front end submissions work fine.