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byvennmann, July 3, 2013
Ratings for Kunena
Cant find any other plugin, this seems to do the job, just gotta modify CSS little bit to make it position where u like. It will be good if there was a rating column in the threads page to show the ratings for each thread, also a way show the top threads by rating
Facebook Article Bar
Great plugin, easy to install and publish but then I found it made my pages load slow when enabled (stuck for few seconds with the status bar reporting 'waiting for'), when disabled my pages load fast. I disabled many features still it is slow. So I m not using it.
byvennmann, October 25, 2011
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J2XML Importer
This plugin is not complete. It doesnt use the same user id once migrated to 1.7. So you will face problems with kunena or may be other components, whose posts map to user id. So it is showing wrong posts for users.
byvennmann, November 5, 2010
Admin Forever
It doesn't work mate..
May be it worked a couple of times..
Does it not work when I login from two machines?
Owner's reply

Probably you have javascript errors in your back-end.

byvennmann, October 22, 2010
Form2Content LITE
I have been using this free version for 1 year and it is simply awesome. My workers can use a simple form to input details into a form, they dont have to touch the joomla article editor anymore. Also we have not found any bugs. It is so fast.

The template configuration could be better but I believe that is improved now.

Also we need a list for the article. There is list but that is just a simple list with one textbox for a list item. It would be good to have multiple text boxes for each list item that way we can manage many subfields for a single list item.

I am looking to buy their pro version now and will buy the form2search too and later may be the form2feed too.

This is best joomla component I have used, in terms of functionality atleast. It should have come with joomla.

I always used to wonder
how all the articles can have the same format template, and
how to have input form for users to submit and
how to search against the articles with custom search fields.

This is the solution. Amazing
byvennmann, September 19, 2010
Core Design Ajax Vote
I checked out many rating plugins, some didnt work and some I didnt like. But this one has that red heart for me to go for. Remember to install scriptgator plugin and enable before you enable this plugin.
Also I think bigger voting images would be good. Thats what is missing. I am just going for single image than 5 hearts and a bigger one is needed
byvennmann, January 21, 2009
Can't add url (to link to an external website) for an image.
Can't upload images through public url, only can do from local machine.
No custom fields