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byvequalsir, October 24, 2012
Social Sharing
The module was very easy to set-up and the website is very good at walking you through setting up the various apps required for social login to work.

The support group is very responsive.

**FYI - this module will help to keep spam registrations down if used as the sole login agent. check to be sure other modules are not allowing access to the standard joomla login. I had Kuena board allowing this. I have since disabled it.

Basic free use allows 5000 users. very generous!

Would have marked it excellent; however, it appears like the analytics portion of the service is still a bit wonky.

We still plant to keep this extension deployed on our website.

Nice Job!
byvequalsir, October 17, 2012
Golem Social Box
Looks nice and was up and running in minutes.

Nice Job!