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byvernz, October 28, 2014
Awesome component. We purchased the pro version Gold package. We didn't want to get caught short and figured having everything would make life easier... and we were correct.

Depending on how complex your project is and how much you need to control and the extra "gizmos" you may need will determine which package you need. Some may only need the free version, others may need more.

This collection of components and plugins is VERY VERY powerful. 99% of it is completely and totally customizable for "control freaks" like myself.

That 1% that isn't easily customizable, unfortunately is proving a tricky thing to get around with CSS and component editing, but it's not a deal breaker.

Forum response has been fast and helpful.

It is powerful but also VERY complex. There is a lot of things to wrap your head around. However the good thing for us is that the complexity is "hidden" from the actual event creation process.

We tried another competing product which was much easier to set up, but the process of creating and managing the events was too complex for our client. Because of its simplicity it also didn't have a lot of options for extra features.

For us, Jevents set up complexity is fine as long as once done... it's a no brainer to create and manage events.

If you do want to modify or customize beyond the available templates they provide, a good knowledge of HTML and CSS is good to have. I was able to do all kinds of crazy stuff.

There was one small part that I can't be customized easily but I was able to get feedback on the forum that pointed me in the right direction to find alternate solutions. This involved the RSVP Pro addon product which is also an outstanding fantastic component even with some "rough" edges.

It would get 5 stars from me if ALL of the RSVP Pro addon could be as easy to customize as Jevents, and if the jevents documentation could be "expanded" or at least reworked so there isn't as much bouncing around to find what you need to do. Just my opinion after only a week working with it. Also some of the settings seem to be in different tabs when they could be combined so you don't have to hunt around so much. Not a deal breaker.
byvernz, January 13, 2012
BreezingForms (Lite)
Learning Breezing Forms can be a bit tricky but it is totally worth it! I was a bit "frightened" and a tad confused at first by the different ways of creating the forms, but after several weeks working with it I can see how freaking amazing powerful this is.

If you need to have TOTAL CONTROL over form creation, display, functionality... and I mean absolute total, over the top complete control... this is it man! The best part is that right out of the box without doing any extra coding it works perfectly and easily. Then when you decide you need to do more stuff... the option is there and fairly straight forward. The beauty of the system is the combination of "automation" and "customization". You can have both which is rare with complex components.

The form creation display in a "folder structure" in Quick Mode is awesome. Once you understand it it makes so much sense. The back end creation display was strange at first because I "couldn't see it". But after understanding the way it works it makes perfect sense (I would prefer the "Advanced" tab would be just part of the main editing screen when working with sections and elements. Just a quibble).

I think it may help to have some concept of the coding concepts used in extending the basic features, I often take for granted what I know when working with others. What I assume is "easy" is often difficult to others. Even without that knowledge, if you follow the instructions suggested on the forums and the Crosstec site, you can still pull off some amazing tricks.

Forum feedback was very fast and always nailed it. It was like someone was reading my mind.

One recommendation: USE THE QUICK MODE! This seems to be the "best" way in my opinion of course, to use Breezing forms. I used all of the types but found that the creation and organization structure of the Quick Mode is best.

I would suggest that possibly.... Crosstec should change the name of "Quick Mode". At first, based only on the name, I thought it was a simple form creation type intended for "beginners". In reality Quick Mode appears to be more powerful and easier to use than the other types. Correct me if I got this wrong. I actually tried the Quick Mode last after playing with the other types.