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byvernz, January 13, 2012
BreezingForms (Lite)
Learning Breezing Forms can be a bit tricky but it is totally worth it! I was a bit "frightened" and a tad confused at first by the different ways of creating the forms, but after several weeks working with it I can see how freaking amazing powerful this is.

If you need to have TOTAL CONTROL over form creation, display, functionality... and I mean absolute total, over the top complete control... this is it man! The best part is that right out of the box without doing any extra coding it works perfectly and easily. Then when you decide you need to do more stuff... the option is there and fairly straight forward. The beauty of the system is the combination of "automation" and "customization". You can have both which is rare with complex components.

The form creation display in a "folder structure" in Quick Mode is awesome. Once you understand it it makes so much sense. The back end creation display was strange at first because I "couldn't see it". But after understanding the way it works it makes perfect sense (I would prefer the "Advanced" tab would be just part of the main editing screen when working with sections and elements. Just a quibble).

I think it may help to have some concept of the coding concepts used in extending the basic features, I often take for granted what I know when working with others. What I assume is "easy" is often difficult to others. Even without that knowledge, if you follow the instructions suggested on the forums and the Crosstec site, you can still pull off some amazing tricks.

Forum feedback was very fast and always nailed it. It was like someone was reading my mind.

One recommendation: USE THE QUICK MODE! This seems to be the "best" way in my opinion of course, to use Breezing forms. I used all of the types but found that the creation and organization structure of the Quick Mode is best.

I would suggest that possibly.... Crosstec should change the name of "Quick Mode". At first, based only on the name, I thought it was a simple form creation type intended for "beginners". In reality Quick Mode appears to be more powerful and easier to use than the other types. Correct me if I got this wrong. I actually tried the Quick Mode last after playing with the other types.