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byverticalgrain, June 15, 2011
Login Register
This module is simply perfect for my needs. This module would make an excellent replacement for the core Joomla login module. I'll likely use it on every project from now on.
byverticalgrain, May 11, 2011
LV Enhanced Image Silder
Awesome slider. Just works out of the box. One of those reliable extensions that you can count on to be able to set up in five minutes or less. Thanks for making this available for free.
byverticalgrain, May 6, 2011
ARI Orbit Slider
I really like this slider. It's easy to use and configure. One of the things I like the most is how easy it is to change the Template with the built in theme system. It is really easy to move things like the nav bullets around. Thanks for creating this and giving it away for free.
byverticalgrain, December 17, 2010
There is a reason why this blog component only gets five star reviews - because it is awesome.

I have tried all the blog solutions for Joomla. I have spent so many hours trying to get the other, sub-par blog components to work right.

I should have just got Easyblog from the start. It is so polished, so feature rich, and so easy to style.

This component could be a standalone blog CMS and would be right up there with the best blog systems on the market today. Don't waste time trying the other blog components for Joomla - just get this one.
byverticalgrain, May 23, 2010
Wow, another phenomenal product from Yootheme. I was already really happy with version 1.0, and am now through the moon happy with version 2.0.

These guys have a way of taking a type of application (in this case a CCK) and creating a version that is extremely simple, reliable, and easy to work with.

Although there are more powerful CCK's out there, for me, Zoo is almost always perfect for my needs.

I REALLY appreciate how streamlined it is in the backend. Learning my way around it was very quick.

The templating system was also extremely easy to pick up.
byverticalgrain, February 10, 2010
Akeeba Backup
I have used Joomlapack to move over 25 sites. It is one of the first things I install on every website. It is so easy and reliable. I fully believe it should be part of the Joomla core.
byverticalgrain, January 6, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
Very impressed with the quality level of this extension. It's very thoroughly thought out and well engineered. It's of a level that I would expect from a paid extension.
byverticalgrain, October 16, 2009
Images Crawler
Simple to configure, bug free, looks great. Thank you!
byverticalgrain, August 5, 2009
KA Facebook Like Box
This extension worked beautifully out of the box and was a very easy way to add some great social networking features with very little work.

I was quite impressed that it worked so well out of the box. I used the id from a facebook group instead of a facebook page, but it still worked flawlessly. You can also use the id from a facebook app.

For the project I used this on, which is a community based site linked closely to a large facebook group, this module is perfect.

A big thank you to the developer for such a polished and useful app, especially considering that there are so few facebook connect apps for Joomla at the moment.