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byvervex3, February 1, 2009
I love this product, almost as much as I admire the kindness of the developer. My story is simple. I an exceptionally familiar with Joomla, but I'm also a Photographer.

I wanted to showcase my photography and wanted something special. I came across Finn Rudolf's exception imageflow Java Script and was looking at how I could use that to present lead images to underlying photo galleries - a visual menu if you will. Imagine how happy I was to find ImageFlow for Joomla!

In short, I have several imageflows modules associated with a main nav I called ImageflowMenu. Each imageflow module links out to an image list, and each image in the list links to a particular content item which in turn loads a mod_ssp via the {loadposition} call in an article. Each mod_ssp module is linked to a hidden GalleryMenu item so I only have to {loadposition ssp} and the menu provides the context.

What's even more fabulous than the module is Ken Lowther. His craft is only surpassed by his supportive attitude toward all. Just visit his forums and you will find a tireless, responsive and kind answer to all who have asked. I couldn't recommend this module more highly.