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byvickiwatson, August 4, 2012
Easy Like and Share Lite
I've tried many similar social sharing extensions and this has been the easiest to use. It's very easy to customize which buttons you want and how they look. The resulting appearance is better than other extensions I've used. The buttons seem to coordinate better in size and layout. Response on the support forum is excellent also. I purchased both the plugin and module versions.
Owner's reply

Thank you for that. I spent a great deal of time trying to get the setup as smooth as possible so that most of the formatting is done automatically.

byvickiwatson, July 16, 2012
JTouch is a combination of template and plugin. The plugin automatically detects mobile devices and switches to the mobile template, allowing you to use another theme for your site with standard browsers. The plugin works correctly, and is easy to set up. Documentation is very good for both the plugin and template. The mobile template has adequate module positions and uses themes built with jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller, making it easy to customize the look of your mobile template. Support on the forum is great also.
byvickiwatson, January 29, 2012
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Photo Battle Factory
Had hoped to use this on a personal site of mine to have photo battles of horse pictures. Paid more for this extension than I've ever paid for a joomla extension. I had one problem after another which made me wonder if anyone else had ever even used it on a website. Support did help me with a few problems, but when it came to the last one - something that was a show-stopper for me. They refused to fix it unless I paid extra. The problem was that when photo battle displayed a pair of photos, the component allows users to vote for both photos in the pair. There is a setting that you can enter a number of days between votes, but it does not prevent them for voting for both the photos that are competing against each other. What good is a battle when users can vote for both the opponents? (My site is primarily used by young people and they were happily voting for both the photos in the pairs). This made the component virtually useless to me and since I had already paid a lot of money for it, I couldn't justify paying more to have them fix something that should have already been working. Refund was also refused.
Owner's reply

There is a big difference between what you are calling here "problems" (meaning actually personal development requests) and real component issues. We tried to help you customizing the product further in order to suit your needs, but especially when you want new extended features, we simply cannot provide full details, as the time does not allow.

In our forum you can find all the free tweaks and further customizations that we have still provided you for free, although this aren't by far part of the product support!

On this custom requests, each developer is requesting to be paid, since further customizations are not part of the extensions support! We feel it's unjust to receive such review, which has nothing to do with the component itself, especially after trying to help you for free, as long as it was possible.

byvickiwatson, September 8, 2011
ARI Colorbox
I was a little skeptical after reading reviews for other ARI components, but I'll have to echo the comments about very good support. I posted a question about how to add both titles/captions and descriptions for each photo and the next day there was a change to the component to incorporate that feature. Am using it on one site and it's working great.
byvickiwatson, June 22, 2010
I think I've tried every joomla forms component out there and purchased several of the commercial versions. I always had some problem with each of them. Then I saw mooj proforms and decided to give it a try. It works a little differently than the others, but once you figure out the basic approach, it's very easy to use. I've used it on 2 sites recently with no problems. Love the simplicity and ease of use.