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byvictorio404, February 22, 2014
Extended Filter for Flexicontent
Great module and the support is amazing and fast. Andrey was a big help :). The module gives FlexiContent additional flexibility.
byvictorio404, January 17, 2012
Flexicontent is light years ahead of any other similar component. I have experience with SOBI2, Mosets tree, K2, none of them is as flexible, customizable and intuitive as Flexicontent. With the ability of using combination of different type of fields and plugins one can achieve practically anything on a website. The template system, combined with item types also allows many ways of organizing the site structure. The fast and competent support makes me feel like i'm using a commercial product. IMO Flexicontent is the perfect component. The only thing that annoys me is that there is not such variety of third party modules for FC as there are for K2 or Virtuemart yet, but i'm sure that will change soon.