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byvideohead, November 12, 2013
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This is the type of work that makes me proud to be part of the Joomla community (since 0.9)! Great programming, lots of extensibility, and great support. For free!
byvideohead, April 22, 2012
This is a great component for beginners. I have some specific issues with the implementation, mostly due to the fact that their display method is rife with HTML table calls, which makes it almost impossible to customize the look and feel and add anything AJAX-y - jQuery, etc.
Also, most of their code is fake MVC - it has the folder structures for MVC, but there is a lot of code that is simply flattened into big PHP functions, without extensibility or true use of model, view controller logic.
I bought this with the intent to customize it, and their work in the component is clear - Mooj obviously spent several years on it.
Unfortunately, it is a half-step to capable extensible web development and probably won't pass muster for future code releases or real customization.
I wish coding practices and half-truths about MVC were not the norm in the Joomla landscape, but I applaud Mooj for their hard work and the work so far - hope my "donation" keeps them moving toward a more capable code base.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review.
But we can not accept the “Great for Beginners” statement.

If you are advanced enough to write own code and want to alter the views of a component you don’t need a form component at all. You can write your own form extension.

A form component is made for people who like to create a form easily via user interface.
You can also create complex forms with Proforms but need to follow our software design and logic.

♥ Why does Proforms not use Joomla MVC?
Because the Joomla MVC is not enough to cover the complex functions of Proforms.
If we would use the MVC the view would have a single command which is not the role of a view. It doesn’t make sense for us to use the Joomla MVC.

♥ Why does Proforms have a table structure?
The table structure is the best way to structure the layout without overhead.
It also helps to fit the layout in many “difficult” Joomla templates. The “tableless layout” philosophy is obsolete since the browser- and search engine technologies have been improved significantly.

♥ “…which makes it almost impossible to customize the look and feel and add anything AJAX-y - jQuery, etc.”

So, how can we? We use JavaScript validation and other AJAX techniques by default and it works like a charm. E.g. the registration app does use an eyecandy AJAX interface for checking information.
The fact that we use dojo framework, allows conflictless working together with all other JS frameworks. If you have problems to include jQuery than you have a conflict with Mootools or another pre-installed JS framework but not with dojo.

MVC is not a dogma. Special technologies require special software design patterns.
If you insist on MVC feel free to use one of all the other excellent form extensions on JED.
If you like to use Proforms with all of its benefits you need to learn Proforms’ software architecture, when you like altering the source code.

The reason why over 140000 sites are using Proforms is not buried in the fact that “cracks” can alter the software as desired, but that also designers and beginners are capable to customize it to their needs.

Proforms will always focus on the best possible usability and security.

byvideohead, August 17, 2011
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SPGM for Joomla!
Very poor UI, no support for existing image folders, and a a generally poor user experience on the front end. You can tell this gallery was coded in like 1999. It looks and feels like it is worn out PHP3.
Owner's reply

As it says in the description, SPGM is an "old-fashioned" gallery, and may not be to everyone's taste. It has excellent support for existing image folders, is lightweight, fast, and stable. I think it is worth keeping SPGM alive as it is good to have a choice, but I will be guided by the next few reviews.

byvideohead, November 23, 2007
If you want a solid, well integrated cart, you can't go wrong.
This is a nice component with poor documentation - don't expect that you will be able to fully customize this easily, but it is a great project.
Solid and consistent development behind this project, but limited or non-existent user documentation.
Overall, an excellent addition to the Joomla world - much needed and much appreciated by myself and others seeking rapid implementations.
I donated - did you??
If you are a newbie or don't have extensive web skills, you can set up an easy to use and easy to maintain small cart system with this component with no problems. It works well with PayPal, so if you want to get running quickly and cheaply, this is the best I have found.
Advanced developers can also get a lot out of this - solid framework for future development and growth - I hope this project continues to get support and grow.
If you are a designer you will be frustrated by the lack of integrated styles and the fact that there is poorly written HTML littered throughout this project.
If you already have a cart "design" in mind, stick with something with greater flexibility on the design side.
byvideohead, March 4, 2007
Front Page Rotator
This component was just what I needed to keep my homepage interesting, and to keep me writing content for my site. I was tired of the "what's new" only-blog type approach and wanted to display some of the older stuff I had written. When combined with ArtioSEF this module helps give my site a fresh feeling.
A little challenging to config - I had to re-enable the login piece and make sure the module was published to the right location. Some documentation would have been helpful, although the developer contacted me right away to help once I complained.
Anyway, I recommend this excellent module!
byvideohead, February 24, 2007
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What a great thing - finally my Joomla website works like it should - static URLS babeeee! My SEO ranking shot up after I started using it, and it enabled me to do some great stuff with my site and Adwords that had been lacking.